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Trays Available 
All our Lab & Utility Trays are natural, heavy gauge High Impact Polystyrene and:
  • are constructed of the top quality, pure, .125" or .250" thick, DuPont plastic
  • are dependable and will never rust, dent, crack, deform, peel or corrode
  • are strong, uniform thickness, tough, yet light weight
  • are safe and FDA approved for food use
  • are custom made according to your specifications
  • have an brilliant white exterior gloss and non-slip matte interior finish
  • are guaranteed to be leak free
  • ship out to you quick in less than 3 days, FREE!
  • are made in USA
  • have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

Great for use:

  • as a smooth work surface and spill tray for protecting floors, benches, cabinets, and desks
  • when transporting chemicals, parts, and tools
  • in controlled PCB testing and manufacturing environments where a static dissipative material is desired
  • as Lithium ION battery trays and battery storage trays
  • for point of sale display
  • for decorating and interior design

Order a tray:

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- Polytize trays typically ship out in less than 3 days
-Max dimensions can be up to 24"x24"x2". (Please contact us for larger sizes)
-All trays are stackable and have 7 degree tapered sides