Polytize.com Vacuum Forming
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94 Elm Street
Blackstone, MA 01504


Our Services

  • Custom vacuum forming and drape forming of top quality thermoplastics from DuPont and Saint Gobain. Excellent for chemical resistance, weatherability, minimal shrinkage, and thermal and moisture stability. Clear, colored, and textured sheet forming available.

  • Extra large sheet sizes of up to 32"X32" accommodated, using fully automated, deep-draw, forming machines. All our thermoformers are top of the line equipment.

  • CAD/CAM capabilities and precision built tooling department in house. We can produce economical prototype molds using tool board or wood. We also have a dedicated in-house CAD design department.

  • Secondary operations such as drilling, flame polishing, trimming, line bending, painting, and welding. We use only quality, Freud, Triple Chip Grind blades (TCG)

  • Markets served include small start-ups to large OEM suppliers in a broad range of industries from automotive to medical supplies. We specialize in working with start-ups to develop new products.