Polytize.com Vacuum Forming
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94 Elm Street
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Our Process

As a small business we have a high degree of flexibility with our scheduling and will provide excellent customer service for any job, big or small. We also provide ongoing communications and frequent status updates. Below is a list of steps that comprise our typical project cycle:
  1. Customer emails drawings, photos diagrams, and specification to us. These can be CAD files, PDF files, or just sketches on the back of a napkin. (Email these to info@polytize.com)
    • Please include general product description, material selection, material thickness, and product dimensions.
  2. We examine the specifications and perform a preliminary capability and feasibility assessment. We then contact the customer with any additional questions, feedback, or to provide cost and completion date estimates. Click here for a quick quote. 
  3. We build the prototype tooling and send customer a prototype unit for evaluation or modification. We have the skills and experience neccessary to choose the optimal tooling materials and methods for minimizing overall development costs.
  4. Customer reviews prototype, we build  production tooling and we run production batch.
  5. We finish and polish the parts, perform close tolerance trimming, sawing, routing and perform any other secondary manufacturing operation and arrange for shipment to customer's site.

Please contact us with any additional questions or for a free quote.