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Custom Trays
Have you ever needed large, high quality trays in a custom, exclusive size or material?

Do you need to safeguard the surface of costly benches, countertops, tables, wet labs and work areas from chemical spills, damage, or contamination while providing a smooth, easy work surface?

If you answered yes to either of these questions we can help. After many customer requests, we set up our shop to provide you with high quality trays in all sizes, shapes, materials, thicknesses, colors and dimensions at a reasonable price with NO minimum order quantities.

We guarantee your trays will be exceptionally tough, smooth, flat, glossy, non-porous, and resistant to chemicals. They have been proven for use in clean rooms, laboratories, film development, and point of sale displays as spill trays, storage trays, sterilization trays, chemical treatment trays, ESD trays, and transportation trays. All trays feature a 7 degree draft angle, allowing for easy stacking and storage when not in use.

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