Polytize.com Vacuum Forming
Office: 774 214-8583
Blackstone, MA
Company Overview
We are a closely held job shop operating out of Blackstone, Massachusetts. Our team has over ten years of experience in plastic fabrication, procurement, sourcing, milling and tooling. We pride ourselves at being flexible, creative, and following through with every commitment. Our core values are to be honest and forthright in every business dealing. 

We also understand that the increasing selection and variety of materials available for forming can be daunting and the supply is often limited. We can provide free consultation, material selection guidance and engineering help for your projects at any stage. Please contact us for a quote.

We just added the Sibe 3030 vacuum forming machine to our shop, allowing us to produce high volumes of quality parts. Our employees include master mold makers, cnc operators, CAD designers, and a professional sales staff.