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Custom Heavy Gauge Vacuum Forming from Prototype to Production 
Have you ever needed many large, high quality plastic parts? If so, we can help.

Vacuum forming refers to the manufacturing process of heating a thermoplastic sheet to a controlled temperature, generally around 325 degrees, and forming the sheet around a mold. The optimal forming temperature is reached when the sheet forms a smooth droop and the outline of the clamping frame edges become visible in the sheet.

In heavy gauge forming, plastic thicknesses are usually greater than .125 inches but less than .45 inches. Ceramic element heaters deliver the highly controlled temperatures required for these application. Molds must be durable, well-constructed, well ventilated, and the edges must be rounded over as part of the product design. Vacuum forming offers close tolerances, fast runs, high volumes, and high production consistency at a low cost.

The process is ideally suited for creating strong, resilient parts that are fairly shallow in depth relative to width and length. Some examples of these types of products would be a variety of car parts such as center consoles, dashboards, and intake manifold covers. Other examples would be trays, concrete molds, truck bed liners, point of sale displays, panels, signs, snow shovel blades, enclosures, replacement for sheet metal parts, and lids. Vacuum forming is a heavily utilized process for plastic fabrication applications

Our Competencies

Our team of experts, industry know-how, and unique processes will ensure we get your custom parts fast (generally less than 4 weeks from RFQ date).

-We use advanced equipment including multi-zoned heat controls, ceramic heater elements, and high vacuums to offer a superior end product.

-We have experience with and access to a multitude of plastics (we generally work with HIPS, ABS, Acrylic, PETG and Polycarbonate). We can provide material selection recommendations

-We have the capability to create custom tooling for both production and prototype runs out of either tooling board, resin or aluminum. (Ask about our quantity discounts if you can provide a sample of the part to be formed)  

-We have low minimum production volumes

-We can provide tooling design assessment and review  

Please contact us for your plastic design requirements at 
info@polytize.com. We respond to all requests within 24 hours.